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Becoming an Intentional Goal Getter

Updated: Jul 3

Ahhh, We are nearly 3 weeks into 2023!

How many of you have been consistent with the goals you came into the New Year with?

I know many of us might have responded with the Jay-Z "Yikes" but hey don't fret! You are not alone. Apparently 92% of people who make New Year resolutions give up on them.

WOW! So when we make New Year resolutions we're 9 times more likely to give up on them. But let's face it, the goals we usually make are arbitrarily, made without proper planning on the steps to take to accomplish them.

Proper goal planning has been proven to set people up to be exponentially more likely to crush their goals!

Intentionality and Proper Planning are essential!

Thankfully for us, every day is a new day and we can always rededicate our efforts and energy. And this is why I am here today!

Let's talk about how to be intentional and take our rightful place within the 8% of Goal Getters!

Let's start with some definitions to help us along the process. A goal is the desired outcome you wish to attain further into the future. And an intention is a chosen theme that allows you to create alignment in your life.

For example

Goal: I want to save $1,000.

Intention: I want to work towards financial stability.


Goal: I want to lose 10 pounds.

Intention: I want to develop healthier lifestyle habits to optimize my overall wellness.

Intentional goals are set up to be the ways in which we live out our intentions. Intentions are what grounds our goals. Without intentions our goals are not tethered to much other than a fleeting desire in the moment.

So you may be wondering..."well how do I identify my intention? I want the 80in TV just because I want it Tiana!" And hey I get it! You deserve it too! However, there is an intention there. Let's uncover it together by asking the infamous question, "Why?"

Goal: Buy a 80in TV

Ok cool. Why?

Because I want it.

Great but why?

Because I work hard and want to get myself something that I want.

I love that! But why?

Because I deserve it.

You're damn right you do!

Do you see the intention?

The intention is to:

Yes! It's ok to have balance in goal setting. Some of your goals can purely be to enjoy the fruit of your labor! (Somebody needed to hear that!)

Need another example?

Goal: Quit Smoking

Ok good for you. Why?

Because it's bad for you.

Ok. Noted. But why do you want to stop?

Because everyone judges me.

I hear you. But why do YOU want to stop?

Because I want to make healthier choices so that I can reduce the chance of

developing a lung condition that may shorten my lifespan.

The intention here is strong: I want to make healthier choices so that I can have a good time and a long time in this journey called life!


We are half way through the process of properly planning our goals and putting us on the right track to becoming Goal Getters!!

Once we have identified our goals and the intentions behind them, it's time to make our goals S.M.A.R.T!

SMART is an acronym for Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-bound. And using this framework for goal setting helps develop better strategies to get started and stay on the course. So let's briefly break these down.

Specific: Make sure your goal leaves no room for interpretation. Keep it precise and write down an exact guide for what you want to do.

For example: Quit smoking cigarettes; Buy 80in TV; or Lose 20 pounds

Measurable: Identify the milestones or benchmarks along the way (short term goals within the long term goals) and time periods that will help define success. Measurability pinpoint precision and helps you figure out if you're headed in the right direction and gives you the signs to know when it's time to realign yourself and get back on the right track.

Achievable: Make sure your goal is attainable. You want to find that balance were as the goal is not impossible but challenging. I'd say something slightly beyond your reach that will push you out of your comfort zone.

Relevant: Ask yourself does this goal fall into alignment with the greater big picture? If I accomplish this, does it move in step with the intention behind it? Also a quick note If a big piece of your motivation for accomplishing this goal is for someone else keep in mind that it is beneficial to have accountability and support from others, but your goal should matter to you at least as much as anyone else.

Time-Bound: Set a clear timeframe for you to achieve your goal to keep yourself on your toes. Time-bound goals keep you grounded and challenged at the same time. The key to making sure you accomplish your goal within the deadline is to plan it backward from the deadline, working out the details as you go.

Going back to our examples:

A SMART Goal for buying the TV may be:

Starting this paycheck, every paycheck I am going to put up $500 and before the finals I will buy my TV.

A SMART Goal for Quitting smoking may be:

Starting Sunday I will smoke one less cigarette than I did the following day until 3 weeks from now.

Alright aspiring Goal Getters! I am joining with you in this journey of Intentional Goal setting! Let's be intentional and reap the benefits all 2023 and beyond!!

If you'd like some more support in setting goals and accomplishing them visit my website and request a free consultation for my Holistic Life Coaching program.

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